BIG Skies, BOLD Partnerships

big skiesEarly in June, members of the CEDIK team presented on research and outreach outcomes at the joint conference of the Community Development Society, CDS, and the National Association for Community Development Extension Professionals, NACDEP.  The “BIG Skies, BOLD Partnerships; Moving Mountains Together” Conference united two community development associations to engage 300 participants to sharing, learning, conversation and collaboration on how community development presents, feels and looks across the world.  It was the first time the two associations combined forces to provide a joint conference.

Participants gathered at Big Sky Mountain Village in Big Sky, Montana to take part in pre-conference workshops, an opening night reception, plenary sessions, 132 concurrent sessions, poster session, and an exclusive evening hip-hop performance.  In addition, association, regional, state and program leader meetings were conveniently scheduled throughout the forum.

Plenary sessions included two women involved with Standing Rock Water Protectors who described the partnerships forged through community action.  Another morning, two national hip-hop artists explained their community development leadership style through lyrics. The owner of Red Ants Pants illustrated how she built her business by believing and celebrating the strength of communities.

CEDIK programs, topics and presenters are listed below:

  • Radical Walking Initiating Cultural Plan Development with North Limestone Neighborhood; http://www.nolicdc.org/cultural-plan/ Ron Hustedde, Jayoung Koo, Richard Young*
  • The Role of Local Governments in Entrepreneurial Development; Shaheer Burney*, Alison Davis
  • The Local Food System Vitality Index:  A Tool for Identifying Development Opportunities within the Food System; Jairus Rossi
  • Strategies to Strengthen Rural Healthy Food Access; Dan Kahl, David Procter*, Kathryn Draeger*, Kara Lubischer*
  • Skillful Intervention: the Promise of Community Coaching; Dan Kahl, Shannon Martin*, Patricia Holmes*
  • Stop the Fracking Pipelines: Framing Social Action; Lori Garkovich
  • Shifting the Land-Grant Paradigm: Community Innovation Lab as 21st Century Social Science Experiment Station; Kristina Ricketts, Bryan Hains
  • Providing Healthy Community Connections; Supporting the Health of Kentucky Residents through Policy, Systems, and Environment Focus Group Conversation Poster; https://psekentucky.wordpress.com/ Dan Kahl, Karen Fawcett

*denotes partners outside the University of Kentucky

The 2017 Conference, “Big Skies, Bold Partnerships,” provided four days of professional and personal development for community and economic development professionals from across the globe. CEDIK and the University of Kentucky were proud to be able to highlight both research and outreach projects of engaged communities both in the Commonwealth and across state lines. If you’re interested in taking part in either of the 2018 conferences, visit the CDS and NACDEP websites for more information:cdsNACDEP


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