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Considering “Community Readiness” – Are You ready?

By Dan Kahl, Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Leadership Development “Readiness” is a term often mentioned by community developers as a way to describe a community’s collective potential for development.  The concept of community readiness actually may have Kentucky roots. Edwards, Jumper-Thurman, Plested, Ottering, & Swanson (2000) credit the concept of community readiness to … Continue reading


Convening: the art of bringing people together.

By Dan Kahl, Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Leadership Development There is a level of attention to detail needed to bring people together effectively. As our communities become more and more fragmented, the practice of convening can become a powerful process for bringing people back together again. Convening can create “a spot at the … Continue reading


Recent CEDIK Publications

Three new CEDIK publications from our research faculty and staff: Allen, James, IV, Jairus Rossi, Timothy Woods, Alison Davis, “Do community supported agriculture programmes encourage change to food lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes? New evidence from shareholders,” International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, May 2016. doi: 10.1080/14735903.2016.1177866. Abstract: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs have recently received … Continue reading


Opportunity Knocks, Kentucky!

On March 7, 2016 the White House launched The Opportunity Project (United States Census Bureau, 2016), a collaboration with private companies to make the governmental data easily accessible and user-friendly. Of these 12, the PolicyMap Opportunity Tool, Open Data Network, and Community Commons are notable and have features for use by nearly any community in Kentucky. Learn more about these tools! Continue reading


New coalition encourages healthy eating, supports local farms

This recent University of Kentucky press release highlights some of CEDIK’s research and how it is making an impact on local farmers and food systems here in the Bluegrass: By Carol Lea Spence, University of Kentucky Agricultural Communication Specialist A successful coalition in Madison, Wisconsin, has sparked the interest of a group of local food … Continue reading


Kentucky Schools Fight Obesity

By Karyn Loughrin, former CEDIK GIS Associate, and Karen Fawcett Many schools are taking a stand against childhood obesity through different avenues such as implementing nationwide, state or local policies to provide healthier food and promote physical activity for students.The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires schools to raise their nutrition standards during school … Continue reading